Break Rules

How do Group Breaks Work?

There are several different styles of group breaks as listed below. Once each spot is filled and all payments are received for each spot in the break, we will randomize the teams and participants in the group break using You will receive every card of your team from the group break that you are signed up for.

All group breaks are done live on under bobssportscards. Each break will have a scheduled time or you will be emailed with a time when all spots are filled. The breaks also will be recorded for viewing on YouTube.

Paypal and credit cards through the website are accepted forms of payment. If using paypal, please onclude your vaughnlive username when sending payment.

Styles of Group Breaks


This type of group break is where every person in the break is randomly assigned a team/division using Then when the break is over, every card of that team/division will go to the person that they belong to. There will be a 5-10 minute window prior to each break that will allow you to trade your teams/division amongst other group break members.


In this group break, the case or boxes are opened and immediately following, the draft order is determined via The person in the top spot gets to pick whichever hit they like from the break, then the person in the second spot picks next, and so on and so forth until there are no hits remaining. The draft will be snake style, meaning the second round will be in reverse order. The person who picks last in the first round picks first in the second round, next to last in first round picks second in the second round, and so on.


The only difference here is the team selection process. Once the break is full and all spots are paid for, the spots will be randomized on to determine the draft order. After the draft order is determined, the picking process will be done on You pick whichever team youlike as long as they are still available when it is your turn to pick.

If you can not be present on VaughnLive during the draft process, one of the next 2 things will take place:

  1. If you know you can not be online for the draft, email me a list prior to the draft. Basically, rank the teams in the order of how you would pick them. I will then select the highest remaining team on your list when it is your turn to pick. 
  2. If you are not on VaughnLive to make your pick and do not send a list of the Teams Ranked as you would pick them, I will pick the best available team for you.

Multi-Player Cards

Multi-player cards go to whoever owns most teams/players on the card. For example, if a triple auto is pulled, if someone owns 2 of the players/teams on the card, they will receive the card. Otherwise, the card will be randomized on between the participants on the card. The amount of spots in the random process will be determined by how many spots each participant has purchased. So, if Joe bought 4 spots in the break and Bill bought 2 spots, Joe will have his name placed 4 times in the randomize and Bill twice. Whoever is on top after the predetermined amount of randomization wins the card!

College Players/College Uniforms

If players are represented in their college uniforms, the following will take place:

For rookie cards, they will go to the team that drafted them that year. If the player is currently playing, the card will go to the person that owns the team he is playing for if the product is that current year. If it is an older product, the card will go to the team he played for when the product was first available. For instance, if you pull Paul Pierce in a Kansas uniform from a product 2012/13 or earlier, he goes to the participant who owns the Boston Celtics. If the product is from 2013/14, he goes to the person who owns the Brooklyn Nets. IF the player is RETIRED, the card will go to the participant who owns the team he played the MAJORITY of his career for. If there is no majority, it will be randomized between the participants that have the teams that he played for.

All Other Cards

All other cards that are pulled durong the break go to the participants that have the TEAM that is on the card. If a player is traded and he is wearing his old uniform but the NEW Team is listed on the card, he goes to the new team. If a Babe Ruth card is pulled, and the Red Sox are the team listed on the card, it goes to whomever has the RedSox, not the Yankees!

Any questions, please contact me before purchasing a spot in the break at: